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The First Time Father is a platform dedicated to Fatherhood; the ups, downs and everything in between. Every day there are Fathers out there striving to be their best – and we want to tell their stories.


March Of Dads, Toronto 2020

We didn’t know HOW we were doing it, but we knew WHY we were doing it. And sometimes that’s all you need. On June 21, 2020 – Father’s Day, we partnered up with @theDadGang, and marched in Toronto with fathers from different cultures. We marched for the Fathers who didn’t...

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#FathersDay2030 is about a message to our kids for the future.


Father’s we’re at a turning point in time – change is coming and there couldn’t be a more crucial time for us to be strong, present, and active in...

Monty and PJ created a DIY zoo during COVID-19 quarantine

The DIY Zoo

My son has been asking to go to the zoo for weeks, with social-distancing in effect we can’t go, so this morning we brought the zoo to him!Keeping...