Let’s not forget the often forgotten #StepDads; these men can be heroes to a child. Their impact needs to be celebrated. To all the Step Dads out there raising and supporting these children like your own, thank you.

22-year-old George Grimwade is a football player at Samford University. He recently changed his last name to Musto, even on his jersey. George’s stepdad’s name is Michael Musto and he’s been in George’s life since he was in the second grade. George said, “He’s always been my dad to me. He doesn’t have anyone to carry on his last name, and he raised me ever since I was in second grade, I feel like I owe it to him to carry on his last name … I just want his legacy to live on forever, I don’t want it to end with him.”

#TheFirstTimeFather #FTF
Video courtesy of Samford University Athletics.

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